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A message from Maggie Lennon, Founder & Director
Welcome to The Bridges Programmes, Scotland’s specialist agency, supporting the social, educational and economic integration of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and anyone for whom English is a second language, living in Glasgow.

Recognised as an example of Best Practice in Scotland, the UK and Europe, Bridges works with employers and partners to ensure that our clients have the best possible support to help them into work (if eligible), education or further training.

Through a variety of programmes and resources we help clients build their confidence by re-engaging them with their skills, provide training, support, advice and guidance and work placements.

Based in Springburn, in the North of Glasgow, we have been working in this sector for over 10 years. We have a dedicated and expert team supporting the needs and campaigning for the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and non-native English speakers.

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