Life Skills / Advanced Life Skills

Life Skills/advanced Life Skills

This is for REFUGEES only who have received leave to remain since MAY 2013.

To access this course you must first register with the Scottish Refugee Council and they will refer you to us.

The course last 4 weeks (15 hours per week) and will help you settle in Glasgow as a refugee and introduce you to the world of employment.

You will work on your skills and communication, build your confidence for going into the UK workplace and then at the end of the course, depending on your commitment, we will source you a suitable unpaid work placement.

Depending on your English level (minimum Access 3) you will either be placed in a Life Skills course or an Advanced Life Skills course.

To find out more information, contact the Scottish Refugee Council and ask about the Joining a New Community Project, saying you are interested in the Bridges Programmes’ Life Skills Courses.

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Advanced Life Skills

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